Prevent the hiring mistakes that cost companies millions every year.

Skillful provides hands-on, results-driven training and coaching to help you turn your hiring managers into interviewing masters.
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Great interview training is key to preventing the hiring mistakes that cost companies millions every year.

Why would companies neglect to provide training on such a critical business skill?

Some companies assume that smart managers will be able to “figure it out.” However, even the brightest executives can benefit from learning best practices and additional interviewing techniques.

Other companies do offer training, but busy managers feel they can’t take the time away from pressing day-to-day responsibilities.

They may not realize how improving their interview skills can save them hours of time in the long run. They will be able to conduct more focused, productive interviews and see fewer candidates for every position.

Multiple studies show when managers have the proper training and preparation, they make better hiring decisions.

“A guru in the world of job interviews.”

She is a Certified Professional Career Coach and a member of the Association of Career Professionals, the National Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and the International Coach Federation.

Pamela earned both her bachelor’s degree and her professional certifications in career planning and development from New York University, where she is currently an adjunct professor.

Pamela also frequently writes and speaks about career topics. Her book, Escape from Corporate America (Random House 2008), earned rave reviews and her writing has also been featured by About.com, The New York Times, and many other publications.

What others are saying

It is my pleasure to recommend Pamela Skillings. Her unique skills and experience guarantee that her classes are always lively and engaging.

Pamela is a pleasure to work with because she is cheerful and easy-going. And she always delivers above and beyond what is expected. In short, she’s great!

– Richard Bradley
Portfolio Manager

Dear Pam,

You were the highlight of our week of meetings! The presentation you gave to my team on Interviewing Techniques was excellent.

As we have unique needs and practices for hiring, I appreciate that you tailored the content to fit my team’s needs. The exercises you designed were a great way to provide hands-on, practical learning experiences. Not only that, but your seminar provided an engaging forum for us to ask questions and voice opinions.

Everyone learned a tremendous amount that day. I checked with my team last week on the topic and they have all started implementing the lessons they took away.

Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant experience.

– Joy Meserve
VP Camp Operations

Hello Pam!

I wanted to convey to you how pleased we were with the training received from Skillful Communications. Your enthusiastic approach and personal working knowledge of our needs was right on point. I must say that our group was very receptive to your training.

We appreciated your endeavor to customize and meet our specific needs and would recommend you to other departments in need of training services. Thanks so much for the outstanding job you did and for the efforts that you put forth in making our first experience with Skillful a very positive one.

– Leslie Carson
Manager of Administration

Interview Training Seminars

We offer half-day and full-day on-site seminars that provide focused training on key job interview skills.

Participants in our seminars:

  • Learn techniques for creating spot-on job descriptions
  • Adapt our proven 4-step process for efficiently preparing for each job interview — from analyzing the resume, to selecting the questions, to identifying areas to probe, to effective documentation
  • Master the art of questioning and probing
  • Review the legal factors that every manager MUST know
  • Understand best practices for behavioral interviewing
  • Learn how to spot red flags and danger signs
  • Gain the knowledge to avoid common mistakes
  • Participate in role playing exercises to test your skills
  • Benefit from our Effective Job Interviewing Guidebook and Interview Navigator system that allows you to create customized workbooks for each interview — complete with your selected competencies, questions, areas to probe, and evaluation criteria.

The half-day seminar is best for managers with extensive experience and/or previous training. They need a fast, focused refresher course and training on the newest trends and techniques.

The full-day seminar is great for new managers or any manager who could benefit from more comprehensive training in job interview techniques.

All of our seminars can be customized to reflect your organization’s specific selection processes and business needs. We can also tailor our seminars to focus on the special needs of specific industries and professions (including technology, financial services, and health care).

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Online Interview Training Seminars

We have created an instructor-led online interview training experience that works beautifully for global teams and managers who just can’t get away from their desks.

Our live instructor-led online seminars cover all of the topics taught in the classroom, but the content is presented in a series of 90-minute online sessions (1-5 sessions, depending on the modules covered).

This format allows busy managers to easily incorporate the training into their days. We can schedule the sessions in the morning, over lunchtime, or at the end of the workday.

We use audio, video, interactive chat, and online breakout rooms to ensure learners stay engaged. Our instructor provides one-on-one feedback to ensure that every participant has a fantastic experience.

Choose from different learning modules to create the most effective learning experience for YOUR managers.

Core Modules (90 mins each)

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Job Interviewing for Managers

Types of Job Interviews, Legal Factors, Trends and Research

Module 2 – Defining Your Hiring Needs

Writing the Job Description, Prioritizing Competencies, Screening Candidates

Module 3 – Preparing for an Interview

Analyzing the Resume, Choosing Questions, Creating a Productive Interview Environment

Module 4 – Questions & Answers

Best Practices for Using Behavioral, Competency, Open-Ended, and Probing Questions; Analyzing Answers; Probing and Follow-Up Techniques

Module 5 – Post-Interview Evaluation

Fair and Consistent Candidate Evaluation, Documentation, Reference Checks, Additional Interviews, Making an Offer

Custom Modules

Advanced Behavioral Interviewing — Delve deeper into behavioral interviewing techniques to understand past performance as an indicator of future results.

Interviewing Global Candidates — Focus on the challenges of interviewing in a global workforce.

Effective Interviewing for Technology Managers — Special training for technology managers and those hiring for technical positions.

Custom module development is also available for special requests.

Each module includes lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises. Each participant will have the opportunity to conduct a private webcam role-playing interview with the instructor and receive one-on-one feedback and coaching.

All participants will also have access to our Advanced Job Interview Guidebook for Managers and our Interview Navigator system, a tool for easily creating a customized workbook for each candidate interview — complete with selected competencies, questions, areas to probe, and evaluation criteria.

Maximize Your Training Results

We can also provide follow-up individual coaching for any or all of your managers. This added post-training support helps managers apply their new skills to achieve long-lasting results on the job.

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One-on-One Interview Coaching For Managers

We provide coaching services for managers who can benefit from more personal attention and feedback.

Coaching can be offered as an extension of training, to help managers apply their new skills and overcome real-world challenges that come up on the job, or as a separate service for managers who prefer the one-on-one approach.

When you need more personalized approach you can sign up for One-on-One interview Coaching for Managers.

We can provide in-person coaching sessions at your office or connect with managers via phone or video conference.

Please contact us for more information about designing a coaching program for your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When you’re preparing for that important interview, there is no substitute for role playing and expert feedback.

Competition for jobs is at an all-time high, so being the best-prepared, battle-tested, interview-ready candidate can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

This is the single most effective way to make a great impression at your interview and maximize your chance of a job offer.


You get what you pay for. You will practice and train with an experienced coach who has made hiring decisions for Fortune 500 companies and helped hundreds of clients land new jobs and achieve career breakthroughs.

You will come away with confidence, and a competitive advantage over other candidates interviewing for the job you want.


Yes, Pamela has extensive experience helping undergraduate and MBA students land prestigious internships.


Generally, your first session will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks. However, if you have an important interview scheduled, Pamela will make every effort to fit you in before your meeting.


Pamela Skillings spent 12 years working in executive level jobs in marketing and human resources for Fortune 500 companies (including Morgan Stanley, MasterCard International, and Citigroup) before launching her coaching and consulting practice in 2005.

She has worked with hundreds of coaching clients. Interview coaching is one of her specialties, though she also provides other types of career and business coaching.

Pamela’s company also works with corporate and government clients to develop training, retention, communications, and recruiting programs. Clients include Citigroup, American Express, Ernst & Young, the American Management Association, and the City of New York.

Pamela’s work with corporations keeps her up to date on hiring trends and the employer perspective, which helps inform her coaching work with job seekers.

In addition, Pamela serves as an adjunct professor at New York University, teaching courses in their graduate and continuing education programs for HR executives and career coaches.

Her formal training in career counseling and coaching is through New York University and the Professional Association for Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

Pamela’s first book, a career change and entrepreneurship guide, was published by Random House in 2008 and featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, and other publications. She is currently working on her second book.


Pamela spent more than 12 years working for financial services firms and has an in-depth understanding of the industry. In her five years as a career and interview coach, she has also worked with dozens of clients interviewing for investment banking, hedge fund, and other finance jobs.